Wireless Services

Simplify the complexity of omnichannel marketing, sales and customer service across SMS, messaging applications, and social with our SMS and Eazy Messaging Platforms. 


Simplify the complexity of multi-channel marketing

Wireless Services, now part of the Spotler Group, provides a reliable messaging infrastructure and platform that simplifies the complexity of multi-channel marketing, sales and customer service.


SMS Platform

Our high-performance SMS platform, trusted by some of the biggest brands today, makes it easy for our customers to connect to all the major operators with worldwide coverage with over 550 networks in 170 countries through easy-to-integrate protocols and our extensive APIs. Our real-time reporting means our clients never miss a message.


Eazy Messaging Platform

Our omnichannel Eazy messaging platform is trusted by over 500 companies, helping them improve their customer service by providing a ready-to-use dashboard for conversational sales, marketing and service across WhatsApp Business, Apple Messages, Twitter, Messenger, Web Chatbots and more.


Our company

Now part of Spotler Group, Wireless Services was founded in 1998 with a passion for making it easy for organisations to connect with their global customers through mobile services. Starting with an SMS platform, we have continued to deliver on that mission through the constant innovation in mobile technologies and beyond to now offer an omnichannel platform that simplifies the complexity of managing the plethora of channels today’s consumers expect, including SMS, web chat, messaging apps and social media.


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